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Should I offer Custom Loose Incense Blends on my website?

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Greetings Beloveds!

Welcome to my first blog post!

The past 2 weeks I've attended a Makers Market called Patchwork. One of my good friends, Spaulding (the organizer of the event) suggested I participate and check out the vendor side of Patchwork by creating an Experience for guests!

I thought about it and decided I would share my love of loose incense! I was very unsure about how people would resonate! However, 2 weeks ago in Tustin and then last week in Long Beach, has me singing a new tune! People responded so well and were incredibly encouraging!

I was asked things I had never even thought of like "Do I do parties?" and other private events! How can they get refills of their loose incense blends? Am I selling this on my website? I never considered how much people would enjoy the experience! I never considered how it would be engaging for all ages!

I am so grateful for how the community showed up and deeply moved, inspired & motivated me to get myself out of my comfort zone and believe in the value and worthiness of my experiences.

One thing many people asked for is a "How To" video! So, I created one! It details how to get started and different methods to do so. Please watch the video here:

I forgot to show placing the charcoal in the insulated sea shell and I forgot to tell folks to just "smash and spread" out the charcoal when they're ready to be done with it! It's also good to add another small piece of foil on top of the charcoal to help it last longer and not char so fast!

I enjoyed making the video clips and editing them together to make this brief tutorial. I'm looking forward to learning more! It won't take me as long nexttime!

Would y'all like more videos about the magic of incense and all the wonderful systems it supports in our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies?! Videos about my Aromachology practice too? Please respond and let me know!

I deeply value your feedback!

I love and appreciate you!

Abundant blessings!


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1 Comment

I had a fabulous time at the Tustin Patchwork Show and I especially enjoyed my conversation with you, along with your demonstration and guidance on creating a personalized loose incense blend. You’re magical and Fae! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and insights. 🙏🏻⭐️✨ Namasté, Lana LeSoleau, Las Vegas, NV

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