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Why Heart to Heart Hugs

Blissings All,

I just completed my 3rd Patchwork Makers Market show in Oakland. In so many ways it may have been my favorite venue. Firstly, the city of Oakland has a depth and richness to it that doesn't feel as surface and dense as Los Angeles, where I reside. Secondly, the pace and energy of the city is different. Not too fast, not too slow, but consistent and in rhythm. Lastly, I think there's something fresher and cleaner about the air than what I'm used to in Los Angeles.

The show was set up in Jack London Square. This seems to be a central hub of sorts as there were families, furry babies, bike clubs, all enjoying themselves this past Saturday! In the center of the plaza, there was this beautiful statue. It told the story of a powerful being named Cheemah and this wonderful project that it was connected to. I loved it because of the powerful message of being connected to all things with the energy of Spirit Fire! It was such a great way to start off my day!

I began setting up my canopy for the day! It felt really special because Cheemah was pointing straight towards me and it felt like I had her blessing throughout the day! I love setting up for shows! It's the beginning of the heartwork for me! I love putting everything together in its right place to be just right for those who are curious and interested! After completing the setup, I gave myself a reading for the energy of the day. I pulled 'Time Master' & 'Wind', ultimately telling me to be the creator of my reality and to communicate from the divine source of my heart! This is the energy I started my day with! I could not have wished it to be any better!

My first customer was a beautiful being named Laura, who had super dope style. Laura had great glasses, a dope jumper, and this beautifully gilded skull necklace! First Laura created a DIY Incense packet. Then, bought my perfume 'Love Song' and as Laura was standing there a message came through. I immediately began to share it as it was coming and Laura said that I was going to make her cry. I could see her eyes welling up, and I apologized for not asking before I just started sharing. Laura assured me it was okay and that she was so grateful and appreciative. After she completed her purchase, and before she left, I asked if I could give her a hug! She obliged and I proceeded to give her a heart to heart hug! IT WAS AMAZING and the first of many heart-to-heart hugs I gave throughout the day.

I give heart-to-heart hugs because they help to transfer energy and boost the receivers energy. It's a way to more deeply connect with the individual you're hugging! I don't give heart to heart hugs always and am discerning about when and when not. Our hearts emit a powerful electromagnetic field. When we connect our hearts with another, we connect in that moment and our energy remains with that person and gives them a little boost! I gave one to someone and they exclaimed it was their first and how good it felt! Be mindful of sharing heart-to-heart hugs as there should be a positive resonance between you and the person you're hugging. Not to deter, but negative energy can passed along too!

I like to give heart-to-heart hugs after a beautiful conversation, a reading, or any kind of heart filled exchange! It's so powerful!

Here's a link to a blog I found so you can read more about the power of our hearts and hugging. Heart-to-heart hugs are also strengthening! My first time having one, the man who showed me did this little experiment to prove how receiving a heart-to-heart hug makes you stronger! If I ever see you in person, don't hesitate to ask me to share it with you! So you can experience it and share it with others! Thank you for reading! Please share your light and love with those you feel called to! The world needs it!

I love you!


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Namasté, SisStar! Thank you for sharing your angelic insights! Happy Thanksgiving, too. 🦃🍁🤗💕

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