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Intention is the core of all conscious life. Conscious intention colors and moves everything.
Hsing Yun
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soul sistar    reiki practitioner
aroma blend artist

Hi! I am L’lia (Eye-Lee-Uh) Thomas (aka Tizzle), and I am the founder of Soul SiSTAR Mystique and Aromachaura. Soul SiSTAR Mystique is the experience you receive when taking the opportunity to deep dive with me whether it be through being a steward of holding space,  Reiki, an Oracle Card Reading, Astrological Insights, or a Healing Ceremony. Aromachaura is a different vein of the same experience primarily focusing on embodying an intention through the power of scent. Each experience, regardless which you choose, will assist with nurturing, uplifting, deepening, illuminating and aligning you with your highest timeline for your highest good!

L'lia *Tizzle* Thomas

Aromachaura is the blend of the words: Aromachology and Aura. Aromachology is a science that explores the way one’s nervous system responds to scents, be they essential or fragrance oils. Aura is a synonym for the word "scents." As an aromachologist creating tailored scents based on your scent preferences and the collaboration between the two of us is truly powerful.


Seeing the way smells move people to recalling things deep in the recesses of their mind is incredible. My goal is to create unique auras filled with love that allow someone to embody the intention they set during the development of their custom fragrance or when they select their signature fragrance of choice. Intention setting is a very important part of the practice! 


Thank you for supporting this creative work and being a divine reflection! I look forward to creating with you!

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let your


guide you

How may I support you in finding and honoring your intentions on your transformative journey to your highest timeline?

The Soul SisSTAR Mystique Experience

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It is my honor and privilege to share my insights and gifts with you and I am always grateful for the support and direction I receive from all my ancestors, guides, archangels, galactic, multidimensional and mycelial family as well as yours.  They are always present and help us daily.


Thank you for taking the time to get to know me.  I look forward to bringing more depth, light and clarity in your life.

Deep in my core, I believe we are all made up of stars.  This belief greatly impacts my practice and is a huge part of my soul’s calling.


The definition of the word mystique is “an atmosphere of mystery and veneration; and an aura of heightened value or interest or meaning surrounding a person or thing.”


Those who are called to align with me and these practices will have the opportunity to experience the mystique of not only who I truly am, but their true selves as well.

Colorful Crystal
am Honored

Custom blending with Tizzle has become a staple in my life and now she's become a part of my family.  Since my very first blend session, I've raved about my experience.  The entire process is necessary in order to evoke the emotion you want when you create the extension of you in a smell.  She truly hears what you describe and is overly knowledgeable in constructing the concoction of what you never knew you needed.  Since I've been blending with her, my scents have made 4 of my family members also create their own perfume with her.  She's become a staple to my LA friends and is the first stop whenever my family from out of town visit.  There is no true way to describe how effective she is but to tell you, GO and I promise you won't regret it. She will help you on your path to creating either your signature scent or the smell you've missed from your childhood.  Tizzle is truly THE BEST.

matthieu j.p.

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