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soul sistar    reiki practitioner
aroma blend artist

Hi! I am L’lia (Eye-Lee-Uh) Thomas (aka Tizzle), and I am the founder of Soul SiSTAR Mystique and Aromachaura. Soul SiSTAR Mystique is the experience you receive when taking the opportunity to deep dive with me whether it be through being a steward of holding space,  Reiki, an Oracle Card Reading, Astrological Insights, or a Healing Ceremony. Aromachaura is a different vein of the same experience primarily focusing on embodying an intention through the power of scent. Each experience, regardless which you choose, will assist with nurturing, uplifting, deepening, illuminating and aligning you with your highest timeline for your highest good!

L'lia *Tizzle* Thomas

Who I Am & Why

I AM an entrepreneurial woman of color who developed the courage and confidence to pursue a dream.  My sun is Pisces, my Ascendant is Leo and my Moon is Gemini.  I AM a complex and magical being that loves my hair, locs which I don’t call dreads, because my hair isn’t dreadful!


I have a Saturn in Scorpio which makes me a truth seeker and a hard worker who knows what I want and does the work to make it happen.  I AM not afraid of deep diving into inner-child or shadow work, as I believe these are the keys to really tapping into the true nature of self and others.

Embarking on this entrepreneurial journey has been a dream come true.  Soul SiStar Mystique is the overarching ideation that will house all the magic and multidimensionality that is me.


For the past couple of years, I have worked with incredible teachers, astrologers, psychics, mentors and masters, who have aided in expanding my knowledge and practice of Astrology, Reiki, Channeling, Oracle and Tarot card reading, Divination, Plant Medicine Facilitation, Council and Space Holding.


Now, all these years later, I AM embarking on my own business and feel like I AM taking the steps to break generational curses and achieve all the things that are not possible when you work for someone else.  The experience of starting this business has constantly reminded me of the magic that I AM and how when you are clear and motivated, universe, spirit, ancestors, all of the above, will work effortlessly in your ultimate favor.

What I Believe

I AM a believer of connection and the power of energy. Energy is the currency that we all need to ascend. All of us are connected and we are all here to learn lessons we missed out on in other lifetimes! One of those lessons includes creating your own reality and doing the work to achieve your highest purpose and your highest timeline for the good of yourself and the collective. 


Soul SiSTAR Mystique and Aromachaura are two facets of the beautiful home frequency that I AM creating! So much of my journey has been reconnecting with the soul family I've known for lifetimes and learning to not be afraid to ask for help, guidance and also being a forever student. 

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