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"beyond fear," is not a perfume,  it is a reiki-infused anointing oil, a companion in your moments of overwhelm to support you in anchoring in love and moving beyond fear. 

embark on a transformative journey with this meticulously crafted anointing oil to awaken your spirit and soothe your soul. this sacred blend combines the mystical essences of tarragon, nutmeg, black pepper, galbanum, labdanum, geranium, jasmine, and vetiver, all harmoniously carried by the gentle touch of jojoba oil.  choose to add in flowers/herbs, gemstones or both to amplify the energy. **please note add in flowers/herbs and gemstones may differ from photos. 

each ingredient is chosen for its profound spiritual significance, creating a symphony of scents that guide you towards inner peace, resilience and a deeper connection to love; love of self and of others.  here are the spiritual/physical and energetic properties of each note:

tarragon: a herb of compassionate warmth, tarragon whispers of inner clarity and self-awareness, guiding you through introspective journeys and illuminating your true path.
nutmeg: with its rich, spicy aroma, nutmeg serves as a beacon of inspiration, igniting creativity and bringing a sense of comfort and grounding.
black pepper: a catalyst for courage, black pepper's bold essence empowers you to face challenges with strength, igniting a fire of determination and resilience.
galbanum: this ancient resin connects you to the wisdom of the ages, offering deep spiritual grounding and a link to the earth's nurturing energies.
labdanum: amystical resin, labdanum envelops you in a protective embrace, fostering emotional balance and a deep sense of peace.
geranium: with its floral, uplifting scent, geranium nurtures emotional healing, fostering love and trust within yourself and the universe.
jasmine: the 'queen of the night' blossoms in your senses, enhancing spiritual connections and awakening a sense of divine love and mystical insight.
vetiver: known as the 'oil of tranquility,' vetiver anchors you in the present moment, promoting emotional equilibrium and a deep-rooted sense of belonging.

beyond fear anointing oil

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